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Manouchehr Tajrostami


  • Name: Manouchehr Tajrostami
  • tajrostami1366@gmail.com
  • Phone: +98(901)4111366
  • Nationality: Iranian

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From 2008 and the very beginning of my education in civil engineering I realized my profound devotion to constructional activities. This predilection continued up to my baccalaureate ending point at which I continued my way toward soil mechanics. I continued my education in masters and my serious interaction with the research world and laboratories started in this period. It returns to my relationship with Prof. Hossein Soltani-jigheh. He was my professor in several courses and I really motivated with his eagerness to research. During this period we have worked on the effects of digging an underground tunnel and this led to the publication of this paper: https://www.arpnjournals.com/jeas/volume_09_2016.htm In the ARPN journal of engineering and applied sciences.
In my master thesis, I worked on steel slag. I have procured this perspective toward my master thesis because of my eager predisposition to environmental issues and concerns. As you know this material is an industrial waste and one of our blatant aims was to turn this downside to upside and utilize this waste due to our needs. The materials that prevalently used in the pavements are lime and other substances which exert baleful effects on the environment. And as these roads are crossing plains and jungles this side effect remarkably deteriorates our environment. Thus, I tried to compare the effects of steel slag mixtures on pure clay and other materials to modify clayey soil behavior and ameliorate the negative effects of anthropogenic effects on the environment.


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